Cancer is on the rise and we need to create awareness ! Join Us

Our work is dedicated to cancer patients

Sankalp is a registered NGO working for Cancer Care. We are a team of 30 dedicated members. Our Organization started in 1997 and for the past 21 years we have been working towards spreading the messsage of early detection.

A tribal dominated C.G. State is far behind in medical services. Cancer services are still in the developing stages. A vast number of cancer patients need proper care,guidance and treatment.



Tobacco consumption is very high in the state of Chhattisgarh.Tobacco is the most commonly consumed carcinogenic agent. Through awareness talks and street plays, people are made aware of the early signs and symptoms of the disease.
It is necessary to create awareness for early detection and prevention, so that the patient reaches the hospital in the early stages of cancer, when the disease is curable.


Early Detection

"Do You Know That Cancer is Curable If Detected Early ? "

Cancer Care

To creat awareness about Cancer and its prevention.
Sharing knowledge through educational programmes.
Make referrals to cancer hospitals for treatment.
Helping terminally ill patients to survive with comfort and leading a pain free life.
Support to the suffering families.